Frictionless, compliant digital distribution.


Compliance is a headwind and an incentive to DX.

Financial Services is a highly regulated sector requiring real-time data gathering, processing and reporting to multiple regulatory bodies, ofter across multiple jurisdictions. The role of compliance in the sector has changed beyond all recognition in the years following the financial crisis of 2008, as has the cost of compliance. The scope and complexity of the modern FS legal and compliance ecosystem is a significant operational challenge for global financial services enterprises attempting digital transformation. Bluntly, this complexity is directly borne by the customer both in terms of their experience (lengthy, complex on-boarding processes) and in terms of a direct cost built into each and every product and service sold. RPA and AI are ideally suited technologies to tackle both elements of this customer burden. Our on-boarding AIs flatten the cost of compliance and reporting and reduce on-boarding complexity for the customer.

On-boarding to sale within 5 minutes

The most effective digital retail sales processes are completed by customers in under 5 minutes. Streamlining on-boarding is a key step in achieving this sub 5 minute target. DxE bots integrate identity information gathering and validation services into one seamless process managed by a customer facing bot and governed by our Digital Back Office System - DxBOS. AIs gather on-boarding data on behalf of the customer ensuring they application to find information from external sources (companies house for example). The second step in the process is guiding the customer to the product and sales bot or person most appropriate to their requirements and regulatory type. This step is supported by our platforms real-time pricing and analytics engine which enable clients to flex product terms to customer needs. The third step of the process is signature capture, documentation generation and payments processing. This step is handled by our DX BOS system which governs all aspects of the process from real time pricing engines access control, encrypted e-signature, contract generation and payments handling (one-off and subscription).

Digitally transform your business in months not years

Success rate for new financial products is around 5%. For every twenty financial products launched, three products become marginally commercially sustainable and only one becomes commercially important. The increased complexity and cost of product launch given the compliance environment is a significant operational barrier to innovation, growth and the traditional approach to digital transformation. DxBos, Robot Workshop and our approach to customer success in FS is conceived to streamline the product launch process whilst remaining strongly compliant. DxBos and Robot Workshop enable our customers to design, build and integrate digital sales and back-office systems for new product lines in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of buying or building conventional systems. Customer facing and back-office systems can be built in parallel and integrated with DxBos to ensure enterprise grade security governance and control. Thanks to our APIs and integration partner, Zapier integrations are a doddle for both new and old applications.