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Insurance is an emotional service. Demand for insurance peaks when buyers are conscious of the impact that a negative event might have on their business, their family or themselves personally.

These buy moments coincide with transactions and commitments; hiring an employee, winning a new client, taking out a mortgage, purchasing an expensive item, having a baby.

E-commerce enables digital retailers, large and small, to identify these buy moments. However, insurance companies wrapped up with legacy tech and processes tend not to be operationally nimble enough to meet demand, particularly demand originating from smaller retailers or niche markets.

DXE is an insurance e-commerce platform that makes it easy for retailers to offer the right insurance policy to the right customer at the right moment. We are not an insurance company, we just make it easy to sell insurance online.

E-retailers | connect DXE bots and start earning commission same day

DXE makes the development of insurance sales bots a doddle. Simple bots take a few days to build, complex bots take a few weeks. We are building a range bespokable sales bot templates to slash the time it takes to build next generation AI bots to handle claims and triage natural language customer enquireies at scale. Get in touch to learn more. If your potential premium volumes are above $2m one of our insurance partners might build a bot for you.

Insurers | build your e-commerce shop on DXE and boost your digital business

BOS - our Insurance-Ops platform - is an integrated middle, back office and compliance workflow. Built for web scale on a real-time cloud service architecture, BOS connects all parties in the value chain, from customers and sales bots to brokers and underwriters, in one seamless, encrypted operational workflow. Integrated, real-time order processing and AI flattens operational complexity, generating significant pricing advantages for everyone. Contact us for pricing information.

Integration | DXE connects to +1.5k business applications without code

Looking to dynamically adjust and tune your digital campaign? No problem, BOS enables linking multiple sales bots to single products for A-B testing, and integrates with SalesForce, ServiceNow .

Via our integrations partner Zapier, BOS users can now integrate with over 1,500 business applications without writing a line of code so plug in, experiment, evolve and grow your business.


Opening new distribution channels with insure-ops & smart bots


Our mission is to make insurance distribution easy for small and medium niche online retailers. We offer the sorts of services marketing tooling that large insurers pay chunky annual subscriptions for at zero cost to small and medium scale distributers.

Our e-commerce platform slashes the time and operational cost of setting up an insurance business line. We support monthly subscriptions as well as one off payments, high-levels of policy personalisation, statutory, compliance and commission reporting and integrate with over 1.5k business applications without code.

Our mantra is make life easy.


Ecosystem Partners



We invest in customer success. If you are an insurer looking to add velocity to your innovation program or a distributor looking to add a new insurance business line get in touch.

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