Logistics. Freight & Scheduling Management.


Digital-Paper hybrid systems.


It may seem heretical for a software company to say it but paper based processes will always have a place in mission critical systems. Paper processes are tried and true in crisis conditions. Paper does not run out of batteries nor does it need to connect to the internet to work. Total cost of ownership remains comparatively low compared to the digital equivalent. As a data silo however paper poses a significant challenge for transport companies looking to improve MIS and execute DX programmes. Accurate, available data is a prerequisite for foundation DX technologies such as robotic process automation and AI. As such the paper problem has to be considered and addressed as a priority. We provide a range of low cost, ruggedised hybrid digital-paper form solutions for the transportation industry.

Robotic process automation.


Robotic process automation ("RPA") services are simple, powerful programs that automate manual steps in business processes - reconciling spreadsheets, or formatting reports for example. We combine RPAs with AI capability such as natural language processing, deep learning and network analysis. The combination of these services are called Assistants. DX Assistants improve customer journeys, can offer new scheduling and tracking services; streamline operational processes for employees and improve data quality and interfaces for management. The resultant MIS improvements provide business leaders with the insight they need to make better decisions.

AI supply chain.


Our Networkscan AI service integrates legacy systems with third party data sources, to reveal a digital, explorable and modifiable representation of an organisation, its supply chain and other connected information. Networkscan reveals single points of failure, inefficiencies, knowledge, risks and opportunities within an organisations available data sets.